Every 16 minutes a Commercial Semi-Truck is involved in a serious accident.

Don’t Panic. When Emergencies Happen, Activate the READI (React to Emergencies and Accidents by Detectives with an Investigative) Response App. Watch our video to see how it works.


READI Reponse Saves Time and Money

When Your Company Vehicle Is In An Accident, The READI-Response Team Dispatches A Specially Trained Professional Investigator To the Accident To Document and Collect Statements Related To the Incident.

Using patent-pending technology, The READI-Response Team, searches a Geo-Fenced area, for pictures, social media posts, tweets, photos and videos related to the incident.

At the scene, our professional investigators take photos and gather data in a special application to create a comprehensive report that is sent to the client company.

Clients Receive A Preliminary Incident Report Sent From the Scene Within Hours.

"There Is Nothing Else Like This In The Industry."

-Kevin McClain, CEO


How READI Response Works


To get started, users simply press one button on their phone app that would set up a geographic fence from the scene, alerting the nearest network investigator of the incident, its location and providing a photo of the driver and the semi.


As soon as the investigator accepts the assignment, the driver is notified with a photo of the investigator and that the investigator has been dispatched.


Once the app is activated and an incident has been identified it will be submitted to the READI Response Center, where trained professionals will begin researching for additional information and witnesses, pictures, via social media posts, tweets, photos, videos and internet research. This information will be relayed to READI Response investigator who is responding to location.

When the investigator arrives on the scene, another app will open on the investigator’s device, allowing for photos, video, audio and documents to be entered through drop-down options. Once the investigator has completed his report the investigator submits their report directly from the location via the app.

A comprehensive report can be at the client’s desk within hours of the incident.