Professional Investigations On-Demand

When a situation arises, deploy our nationwide network within moments to gather the timely evidence you need. Watch our short video on how it works.


The READI Response Process

Onsite Investigation 

At the scene, our professional investigators take photos and gather data in a special application to create a comprehensive report that is sent to the client company.

READI Response Headquarters

Trained Professionals at the READI-Response Center, also begin researching for additional information and witnesses.

Internet Research and Social Media Intelligence Investigation

Using patent-pending technology, The READI-Response Team, searches a Geo-Fenced area, for pictures, social media posts, tweets, photos and videos related to the incident.

This information is documented and relayed to the READI-Response investigator responding to accident/incident location.

Witnesses Win Cases

We locate your witnesses using 21st Century Technological Solutions.

Locate witnesses and hidden information through internet research and social media

Locate Facebook, Twitter, and other social media posts...tweets, pictures, videos...of people who may have witnessed your incident

Obtain meta-data from posted pictures from various media platforms, Instagram, Flicker, Foursquare and other picture platforms.  This may allow us to identify the time, date, GPS location and critical pictures of the scene and who took them

Deep Web research on the internet to locate and ID witnesses and current location of witnesses


The READI Response App


Screenshots: How It Works

READI Response is the solution for companies that would benefit from a timely response, and investigative services following commercial incidents needing credible documented evidence for court use. U.S. transport companies and insurers would benefit from the immediate response of the nearest READI Response network investigator.

Incident Occurs

Personnel activates an incident alert.

Alert is Generated

Case number generated. Click 'Send Alert' at the bottom of the screen.

Geo Fencing Activated

READI Response deploys to the scene. Driver will see a photo of the PI when they accept.

PI Arrives

Driver receives a "PI has arrived" notification as the PI reaches the scene.

Ready to See For Yourself? 

Our technology + consistent processes and reports, regardless of the investigator used, or area of the country serviced, provides credible and timely evidence.

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